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How It Works

Choose your membership level and checkout; it is that simple. Let Grounds For A Peel Composting, Inc. do the hard work for you.


Composting with a purpose

The steps below will help you get started with how to open your new account with Grounds For A Peel, Inc. and be apart of our family helping to make our world better.

The Process of being apart of the change.

1. Are you interested in signing up or do you have some questions still? If you’re ready to sign up head over to our SHOP PAGE and choose your membership level.  If you have some questions you can complete the form on the CONTACT US page and we will be in touch with you.

2. Go to our SHOP PAGE and choose your membership level.  By taking advantage of the yearly membership you save 10%.

As a ONE TIME Promotion we are gifting the first 100 people who sign up a choice between a 1-gallon or 2- gallon counter top bin with carbon filters.

The card on file will be billed $30.00 on the first of each month unless canceled within 72 hours of next billing cycle. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.  A pre-paid yearly membership is available for a discounted one time charge of $324.

3.Upon your order within 72 hours you can expect your Compost Bin(s) to be delivered to your home or business.

4.Now the fun begins; you can get STARTED!  As you’re cooking and preparing foods in your home or office be mindful of what you are throwing away to see if it can be an item you can add to your COMPOSTING BIN.  If you are not sure of what items are acceptable to be composted you can find a complete list here.

5.Our service collection picks up and delivers on Tuesdays.  Please have your bins at the garage for pickup. 

6. Please note: A liner will be provided for the countertop bins and it can then be placed in the 5-gallon bucket for Grounds For A Peel to pick up weekly.? In addition, if you find you are adding a lot and the countertop liner does not work we can also provide a liner for the 5-gallon countertop bin.?


Schedule Your Pick Up Today!

Sign up online today and receive a FREE Counter Top Bin to the first 100 customers who register!!


Bethel Hobbs Community Farm

The farm is a non profit, all-volunteer farm, sits on 11 acres of farmland in Centereach, Long Island, New York.? Learn more about our partner on their website Bethel Hobbs Community Farm